Developing Global Competencies

Ready for the Real World


Develop competencies and attitudes of integrity, responsibility, confidence, resilience, valuing the well-being of others and themselves, for career and life.

Valorizar as diferenças

Be immersed in multi-cultural learning setting, of respect and sensibility for other cultures, and engagement on humanitarian and environmental issues.

Trabalho em Equipe

Work in teams, learn from others and contribute to their learning, and experience empathy in working with diversity.

Habilidades de Comunicação

Communicate effectively orally, in writing and with a variety of digital tools; and listening skills.

Ideias Inovadoras

Pursue new ideas, stepping ahead for action, open to endeavor while exploring economy and society challenges.

Senso Critico

Critically think to design and handle projects and solve problems.

Maple Bear Program

Brazilian Curriculum meeting Canadian Standards

The Maple Bear High School program focuses on providing the core courses required for high school graduation, but also offers opportunities for additional course selections,

based on a Canadian model of flexible course scheduling.

Maple Bear Students are immersed in a 5-week workshop & mentorship program – to discuss ideias, products, and business – to create a startup project through team work, present the idea to real companies, and receive feedbacks.


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The entrance in a good university is the goal of every high school student. With this in mind, Maple Bear offers to students…


  • Mock tests (e.g. ENEM)
  • Individualized guidance through Independent Studies
  • Individualized study plan
  • Real exercises from the most popular entrance exams from the country
  • Review videos
  • Writing practice for entrance exams


Everything digitally available on a specialized platform!


  • Simulados semelhantes ao ENEM
  • Orientação individualizada através do programa de Estudos Independentes
  • Plano de estudos individualizado
  • Exercícios reais dos vestibulares mais comuns do país
  • Vídeos com revisão de conteúdo
  • Prática de redação para vestibulares


Tudo disponível digitalmente em uma plataforma especializada!


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